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Conference Handouts & Materials

Below you will find the session descriptions, presenters, and handouts/materials provided by the session presenter.


Resources Track Location: Diamond 2 

Engaging Openers - Tara will share some of her favorite strategies to kick off classes in a fun and engaging way. This could include ways to start stand-alone personal finance classes or ways to integrate more personal finance into classes across the curriculum or in advisories. Presenter: Tara Kelley, Math Teacher at Harwood Union High School 

 - Engaging Openers Presentation

Math + Personal Finance - Tara will share her favorite resources to help teach personal finance with a math lens. This will include resources from NGPF's math curriculum as well as strategies to boost the math focus on activities that are not already math centered.  There will be time in this session to collaborate with others and share more ideas and strategies the group may have. Presenter: Tara Kelley, Math Teacher at Harwood Union High School 

  - Math & Personal Finance Presentation

Building Financial Capability and Career Knowledge Through Claim Your Future®- Join Mary Dyer, Maine JumpStart Coalition President, and Financial Education Programs Manager at the Finance Authority of Maine, for an overview of Claim Your Future, an educational game that encourages students to explore career pathways, financial decision making, and the future return on investment of post-secondary education and training. This engaging program is available as a classroom game kit, as well as online and includes extensive resources for classroom implementation. Presenter: Mary Dyer, FAME Financial Wellness and Maine Jump$tart President

 - Claim Your Future® Presentation

Behavioral Economics - Educators will see behavioral economics in action through a series of NGPF activities included in an entirely FREE curriculum. These activities will show how cognitive biases impact our money decisions. Presenter: Courtney Poquette, Business Education Teacher at Winooski High School  

 - Behavorial Economics Presentation

Focus on the Future Track Location: Diamond 1 

Teaching Cryptocurrency - In this session, educators will go through five resources from NGPF’s FREE curriculum as part of its Cryptocurrency Mini-Unit that they can implement immediately in the classroom. Presenter: Courtney Poquette, Business Education Teacher at Winooski High School 

 - Teaching Cryptocurrency Presentation

Financial Aid & Managing College Costs - At this presentation, we will provide an overview of how families pay for college costs and the different types of financial aid, as well as the application process and timelines. We will also share with you several websites that can help you research the true cost of colleges and get ready to file financial aid forms. Presenter: Carrie Harlow, Outreach Counselor, Talent Search and Financial Aid Specialist  

 - Financial Aid & Managing College Costs Presentation

 - Focus on FAFSA OnePager

 - How to Create an FSA ID

 - How to Create a MyVSAC Account

Responsible Borrowing 101: Tools & Strategies to Support Your Students Before They Borrow - For most students, loans are an integral part of financing higher education. Despite this reality, many students lack the necessary knowledge and information to make informed borrowing decisions. This session will provide an overview of the key steps students should take before borrowing, along with tools and resources to support the student loan decision making process. Presenter: Mila Tappan, FAME’s College and Outreach Manager 

 - Responsible Borrowing 101 Presentation

 - Responsible Borrowing 101 Tools & Resources

Building the Relationship with Family through Financial Conversations with Yack Stacks - It all begins with a conversation that has great potential for strengthening relationships and understanding the depth of our family stories. Encouraging families to share and giving them the tools to build their financial, career, and college going knowledge puts them in the driver’s seat with their kids. Using the Vermont GEAR UP developed "Yack Stack" Financial Literacy Conversation Cards, we will demonstrate how to encourage deeper reflection and offer support for fun and engaging conversations. Through prompted family conversations, highlighting family history, career and college-readiness, and financial literacy, families gain a better understanding of their student's goals, skills, values, and interests. Presenter: Cathy Printon, School and Parent Partnership Coordinator, Vermont GEAR UP 

 - Financial Literacy Yack Stack Presenation

 - Financial Literacy Yack Stack User Guide 

Youth Entrepreneurship Track Location: Emerald 1 

Part 1 of 2: Entrepreneurship Taught Using a Video Game - Venture Valley - An immersive multiplayer business-building game that gives students a fun outlet to practice entrepreneurship and personal finance skills, compete with friends in positive ways, and earn real-world prizes. Presenter: Nick Night, Venture Valley’s Game Producer, Singleton Foundation 

 - No materials have been provided at this time.

Part 2 of 2: Masterclass: How to Incorporate the Video Game, Venture Valley, into Your Classroom to Teach the 4 Cs (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creative Thinking) - An interactive dialog with conference participants. Presenter: Carrie Willis, STEAM & Technology Director, Valley Preparatory School  

 - No materials have been provided at this time.

Youth Entrepreneurship in Vermont - Since its inception in 2018, the Lancerships Program has served more than 130 students managing a wide range of businesses. Students fully experience the entrepreneurship process from product research, production, financial planning, and the sales process. Learn how the program has utilized grant opportunities with proceeds of the program contributing to community organizations and scholarships. Presenters: Bob Fredette, Business Teacher, Lamoille Union High School  

 - No materials have been provided at this time.

Farm, Food and Forest Business Exploration - During this workshop, participants will learn about an entrepreneurial program which gives youth ages 14-18 a structure to explore their own values and assets and to build skills to support their work. During workshops, meet-ups, and a presentation over the course of a school year, UVM Extension 4-H staff and an adult mentor guide youth in exploring basic financial and professional concepts, assessing personal values and career goals, interviewing someone in a job they are interested in, writing a business sketch, and giving a presentation pulling together the above pieces. The workshop will include an overview of the program development and current implementation, and participants will get to try out one of the program activities. Presenter: Liz Kenton, 4-H Youth Agriculture Project Coordinator, University of Vermont Extension 

 - No materials have been provided at this time.